Friday, October 14, 2011

Spring 2012 Installation

Attending the Emily Factor and Alex&Lee&Greg Spring 2012 Installation Wednesday night was such a beautiful and inspiring evening. The mood was ethereal complimenting the minimal atmosphere of the downtown LA gallery space in which it was held.  This has to be my favorite collection yet of Emily, who is known for her nature inspired print designs and unique one of a kind fabrics.
So proud of my friend, Emily, and this huge accomplishment!! 

To compliment the Emily Factor collection, accessory designers Lee Brooks & Greg Francke (of Alex&Lee who have been around over 30 years staying true to their design philosophy) showcased their handmade one of a kind necklaces. The combination of these bold heavy textured pieces with Emily's lighter feminine and elegant designs were an incredible mixture for an overall bohemian look.
Read a couple of great reviews of the LA Times and The Feast
 The lovely Emily Factor (above&below) wearing one of her beautiful creations...a detailed maxi skirt with green lace that was one of my favorite pieces the first time I got a sneak peek at this collection...
with a huge vintage Alex&Lee belt that I would LOVE to have in my closet!
 It was so nice to finally meet Greg and Lee, of Alex&Lee, whose jewelry I have admired for a looong time! They are both so friendly and down to earth which is very refreshing in this industry. Alex&Lee also recently collaborated with Proenza Schouler for Resort things happening for these guys, who still design everything one of a kind/handmade out of their home in Nor-Cal!
 Oh...this was a fun little extra...see the model above? Then see the film projector below....that's me wearing that same dress (left picture) and a different design of Emily's on the right! See original images HERE!
 Loved the models hairstyles. All the messy buns and braids made me really want to get more serious about actually DOING something with my long hair time to time. My friend Margaret of The Sche Report also had a great pony below in the pink dress-she's always stylin' :)
 So, I'm pretty tall too at 5'9 but when I'm around 5'11 models wearing 5 inch heels I understand what it feels like to be, shorter. The pic of me below tricks a little because of the white backdrop and angle, but still...I look so small for once!

...this just in....made COVER of Ca Apparel News!!


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