Saturday, October 15, 2011


Tonight, NAMI will be showing the full debut collection at Concept LA Fashion Week!

"Designer Sarah Nami Ahn will be quite the busy bee this week as Los Angeles Fashion Week approaches. Not only will the designer show her Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Project Ethos, but has her own solo show during Concept Fashion Week. This is a show you don't want to miss. NAMI is a sustainable clothing line used with green materials and includes soft colors and sheer materials which are perfect for Spring. " - Bold Magazine
I had the pleasure of working with the designer Sarah Nami Ahn while she attended FIDM and am so excited for her and this huge accomplishment! NAMI also recently showed in NYFW...everyone is anticipating another great turnout for LA. 
Sunny Kam Photography
(I'm SO bummed I can't make it to the show tonight...)

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  1. No worries... you'll be at the next season's show. =)