Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye Good 2011

People say the older you get, the faster time goes. It seems to be the truth looking back on 2011 which flew by faster than any other year I can remember. New Years Eve (and birthdays) is the time you get to start over with a clean slate... who doesn't love that!?! 'Even' numbered years tend to be more lucky for come on 2012....I hope good things are to come...
 I'm looking forward to celebrating tonight with close friends to start off the new year in a fun and fresh direction. The party we have planned is going to be crazy fun - can't wait to post the pictures!

Have fun wherever you celebrate tonight and rock out whatever festive outfit you decided to wear!
Happy New Year!!


  1. love all these photos and your blog! happy new year babe!


  2. Couldn't agree more. 2011 flew by so fast. Good bye 2011 and hope to have a great 2012.

    How was the party? Crazy fun like you planned? Enjoy 2012.

  3. Happy new year! Thanks for your comment. Bring it on 2012!