Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the Trenches

When my friend came and met me for lunch yesterday, the first thing she asked me was "Are you solving some crimes tonight?"....what a smartass. Reminds me of myself sometimes I guess that's why I like her :) So yes, the trench is a little 'Detective/Dick Tracy'...which really is just another reason to love trench coats. This trench is extra special because 1) it is vintage, and 2) it is vintage Burberry!! ...the inside plaid lining just doesn't come like that anymore. How lucky that it is Olive too,
popular color trend of the Fall 2011 season...
Yep, then my friend totally caught me stepping/tripping on my coat (seriously almost face planting it) as we got up from the table at lunch...I'm not clumsy at all. She was sweet to hold my hand for support afterwards :)
(Trench coat: vintage Burberry; jeans-Levi's; boots-mossimo; shirt-H&M; necklace-swap meet; bag- vintage Coach)


  1. grogeous stylish coat dear!!<3

  2. that is an amazing coat and i love the sweater! i'm glad my ryan gosling post made your day, thanks for the comment!

  3. Haha, are you solving crimes tonight... so great! Love your vintage Burberry trench and those boots... and that sandwich. Thanks for dropping past my blog, you have a new follower, would love if you followed back.xx

  4. I'm sooo jealous!! I've always wanted a vintage Burberry trench. I was reading a magazine one night and there was a feature about Burberry trenches through time and he's like, "oh you should get one of those. They're really classic." And I said, "really, you're going to let me spend like $800 on a coat?" And he's like, "oh! nevermind!!" So now I have to be on the lookout for a vintage one. :P

    Yours is awesome! Love your style.


  5. I love your style!! I'm so glad I found your blog :)
    Wonderful look, the coat is gorgeous.

  6. Love it. I'm wearing one of my mom's circa 1980s (she has two: a spring weight like you're wearing and a fall/winter weight) right now! They really don't make them like they used to: these are size 12—extra EXTRA long! (In her "prime" she was 6'1"!)