Thursday, December 15, 2011

Volcom Headquarters

Yesterday my co-workers at FIDM and I went on a 'field trip' (from L.A to Orange County/Costa Mesa!) to tour the VOLCOM headquarters and meet their design team. I was taking pictures left and right during our over-stimulation. Afterward, the Volcom team was too kind, allowing us to shop in their private retail store (big discount!!) which is only open for employees/friends & family. We were all feeling very lucky to get some Christmas shopping out of the way at 'work' today...
I only bought ONE thing for me :)

I have a lot of friends that work in the action sports industry, and have always been sort of jealous of how cool their work environments are. Volcom, being one of the industry's top leaders, is a prime example. Walking up to the building through the parking lot it's just normal to see wetsuits hanging off the back of trucks to dry from the earlier morning (or lunch break) surf. Then there's the snowboard days, company trips, music & artist collaborations, the volcom record label, surf/skate/snow/motocross teams with pros like Bruce Irons...basically just a ton of cool stuff happening at this company. The vibe there is more family-like and it's a totally open, friendly and inspirational environment. Everyone who works there really lives the so-cal lifestyle of the it should be. Just being there made me really want to 'sharpen' my snowboarding skills this year...(gave up the surfing idea about 4 years ago when I realized I was just not ever going to be good!)
We ended the Volcom tour with Mexican food at Mi Casa and a game of old school Pac Man!


  1. ooow! It looks sooo funny!!!


  2. Wow, how cool is this! And to end it all with Mexican food... amazing.xx

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