Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wide Open Spaces

These country roads remind me of childhood and weekend trips on the outskirts of Dallas to our family farm house, built by my great-grandparents. It was there I got a break from my city upbringing and learned to ride horses, hook a fishing line, shoot cans with a shotgun and even drive a pickup truck!
It's strange that no matter how many years go by, certain places trigger memories you forgot were even there. Driving under the bridge I haven't seen in over 5 years (it used to be part of railroads tracks) was the first strong reminder for me...I pictured climbing on top of it to 'explore' as a kid. The pastures and the long cedar tree lined driveway leading up to the house are still the same :)

(jeans-genetic denim; zip sweater-Zara; leather jacket-arc&co; boots-mossimo; scarf-Missoni)

Here is a picture of 'the farm' from last year when it snowed....we didn't get so lucky this year :(


  1. wow! great outfit!

    thanks for your comment on my blog but the most important thing is THANKS TO BE MY NEW FOLLOWER!
    I follow you too!

  2. It's always amazing how places or smells, even, can trigger memories. These are beautiful pictures. I really love how you've accessorized this outfit!

  3. it looks gorgeous! i feel like every time I visit a little bit east of CA, things just get better. I love CA, but there's just so much more in our country that CA can never have. Looks so fun.


  4. What a nice place to take photos! I love all your accessories!

  5. Looks beautiful. I love your outfit especially the ring.

    I also love the jacket.

  6. love it!!!