Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Current Affair

My friends and I went to a fun and anticipated event Saturday night, A Current Affair, in downtown LA's Cooper Design Center's penthouse. A Current Affair is 'a "pop-up vintage marketplace" with 20+ vintage vendors who all have carefully curated collections including apparel, jewelry, accessories, eye wear, and ephemera.'.......AKA vintage heaven. We stopped and combed through just about every single vendor there...by the end of it I was almost dizzy. Plus, I don't know what the bartender put in the one drink we had :/ But really, the over-stimulation of eye candy happening had me overwhelmed to a point where I had to stop and breath deeply a couple times! From vintage Chanel, Oscar De La Renta, Fendi, Carolina Herrera and McQueen to name a few... to sequins and furs...to Native American ponchos and turquoise jewelry...boho chic to high end fashion...they pretty much had it all :)

A really cool part of the night was running into my friend Jude (below) who also works at FIDM with me...I had no idea he was one of the vendors participating and also is involved is the event's organization as a whole. Now, I hate to play favorites, but Jude's booth was the best...finding special pieces like this truly is an art. He has this leather & knit top (below) that I'm going to soon be stalking him for!
Passed by these hanging critters (?) below on the way out. Random but cool.


  1. That's so cool! Love this shoes!! What a great event!



  2. this pretty much looks like my dream event. everything you took a picture of, i love!

  3. Looks like a fun event!


  4. beautiful photos! I go to ASU, isn't the scenery here beautiful?! I love Flagstaff! That hand piece is so soo beautiful I need it :) !