Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lazy Day

Starting Monday, things are going to be so hectic for the next 2 weeks before I leave for Christmas 'vacation' in Texas...I don't even want to look at my day planner. I'm one of those who writes everything down. Anyway, knowing that, today I enjoyed a totally lazy Saturday with highlights such as: my morning coffee, my cat napping next to me, candle and incense burning, the arrival of my new black knit basic over-sized sweater (shocking how hard a good black basic is to find), setting up my silver mini-tree for my bedroom, and last but not least, cleaning out all my makeup which was SO unorganized. I did a before and after pic to show the progress :) My products consist mostly of Smashbox cosmetics, with an even mix of Laura Mercier, MAC and Bobbi Brown. See...I'm productive even on days that I don't leave the house. I tell myself this at least and feel what works for ya!

A friend of mine gifted me that handmade candle of my favorite print ideas he has done. I am still on his case about getting these random crafts he does on a website...


  1. Love your make up kit so much!!


  2. It sounds like you are super organized. I am jealous, I wish I was! Your makeup collection looks fantastic by the way! All of these pictures are wonderful. Following you! :)

  3. Awww the cat is so cute! :D

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment !!!;)

    Your blog is awesome! ;)) I love this post! :) You follow each other? I hope your answer on MY BLOG ... And then I'll follow you BACK !!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

    A big kiss from Brazil !;):):)

  5. I love the your must pose candle in the last photo. Amazing!
    -andrea lynne rose

  6. Lovely picture!!! thanks for comment on my blog.

  7. Fabulous blog! Following now

    xoxo, H

  8. awesome! loving your blog, so keep it up and i'll be back!