Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Coming Home

Leaving California to Texas today for Christmas...a whole week back home! I'm always anxious to see my family and old friends....I only make it home about once a year these days so I try to cram everything and everyone in that I can. It would be nice to just relax on my 'vacation', but there are just too many faces I'll want to see. The hectic pace is part of the fun. 
I'm always sad to leave TX after I'm home for the holidays...the familiarity 'fits me' in many ways, and there are people I miss deeply there. But, every year I come back to California, I still smile as the plane descends looking over the ocean and know that this is home now too.
Safe travels to wherever 'home' is this holiday weekend, ya'll!
Just sayin'...I'll be mellowing out to "Yellow Brick Road" on my Ipod flying home..Angus & Julia Stone's  album Down The Way is SO good. It has 20+ songs on it, and they're ALL good.
"Draw Your Swords" is another favorite. Listen and enjoy!


  1. Lovely pics!!

  2. I recognize those boots... wink wink. :) I am in love with your shearling jacket! So cute and completely your style. Hope you have a great holiday back home. Fly safe!


  3. So exciting that you get to be home for the holidays! It's really the best to spend it with family, so happy you get to be there with them! These pics are beyond adorable too, absolutely loving that jacket.

    Happy Holidays love!

    Alexandra xo

  4. Happy Christmas, i hope you have a fantastic holiday. Thanks for the comment on my blog, please come back and visit again.

  5. Lovely sunset...and great jumping shots!

  6. cute cute cute

    love the photos

  7. I love the drape and color of your jacket!