Monday, December 19, 2011

RVCA Headquarters

Another company 'trip' to the RVCA headquarters in Orange County to tour the building and meet their designers. The best part for me was walking in to the photographic shrine of Erin Wasson (who collaborated with the brand on a line back in 2010)...she is pretty much my favorite model and style icon. RVCA is more of an art based brand, which set sets them apart from other action sports companies. Because of it's art focus, RVCA is associated with the street graffiti subculture...their Artist Network Program (ANP) showcases well known and unknown artists and musicians (Mars Volta & Matt Costa to name a couple) who inspire our generation.

The headquarters are amazing, aside from the art displays (check out the hilarious naughty smurfs below) and photography, there is also a full on gym with an octagon ring for ultimate fighting training. Then there is the warehouse and the retail company store where you can shop by invitation/appointment only. RVCA was so thoughtful to give our whole group gift bags with t-shirts and hats inside to end the afternoon :) This is definitely the place to work for the artistically inspired.


  1. Interesting. Look like a place I would like to visit. Totally sold on the smurfs.

  2. I love this! What an interesting place. I love how they've decorated it. Also, the smurfs! Excellent!

  3. wow awesome!! i've just bought a piece of knit cardigan from LAMB&FLAG but it's RVCA design :)
    i wonder if RVCA would have their own store by any chance can you tell me where? <3 i love love their design <3