Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Every Piece Tells a Story

Ever since I walked into Margaret's house (of The Sche Report) I have been inspired to collect special pieces for my home, as she has done throughout the years, in hopes of having a place as cool as her 'shrine' one day! I still feel overstimulated every time I walk in, even though I've been there countless times. Everywhere you look there is something interesting, but at the same time, nothing is cluttered.  Margaret has such an eye, not only for fashion styling, but interiors and decorating as well. She would never own a table from Ikea....not that there's anything wrong with Ikea...I shop there. But, let's face it...there's nothing 'special' about mass quantity stores like that. Seeing her house made me realize the importance of waiting for that special 'find'...whether it's traveling or visiting a local swap meet, there is an undoubtedly noticeable difference in items that have a story.
( all ties in very much with my love for vintage clothes shopping and thrift stores!)
Thank you Margaret for the inspiration and letting me photograph your digs!

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  1. Amazing! I love how the whole house is mainly white allowing all of the pieces to stand out. And I kind of love that the bedroom is black. Must make for a wonderful night's sleep. :) Very inspirational indeed, and I love the peacock feathers! <3