Monday, May 28, 2012


(above seen @ tumblr)
Spending Memorial Day by the ocean this weekend in my old stomping grounds of Newport Beach was a much needed get-away. There is such a difference in pace heading just an hour South from L.A to O.C... even just seeing the 405 highway lanes widen approaching Long Beach makes me immediately fall into a slower mind set. Walking the beach (or just sitting there) is always therapeutic and calming for me...I could stare at the the waves rolling in and out all day. We saw a giant seal  swimming alongside the pier as we were walking to the end of it for dinner one favorite moment of the weekend for sure. He just stayed, not afraid of people in the least....swimming on his back then somersaulting, barking so loud, all the while looking directly up at us and all the fisherman :)


  1. stunning pictures!

  2. awww your were in my neck of the woods ;) Love your fringe bag! Where is it from? great pics love

  3. How cute! I love seeing seals swimming in the ocean. I'll never forget when we were in Huntington on the pier and there was a pod of dolphins swimming and jumping. It was sooo cool! I had never seen wild dolphins in the ocean before! Love your instagram pictures. Can I ask, how do you upload your instagram photos to your blog? I've tried finding the answer to that for so long and I have no idea how! <3


  4. sweet, love those photos at the beach xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?