Friday, May 4, 2012

Is There Anybody Out There?

Feelin' the 80's vibe in my hot pink/electric blue print Pink Floyd 'The Wall' shirt, representing their famous '79 album cover. It's an over-sized off the shoulder top staying true to 80's style...but I added the jacket to make the look more 'work appropriate'. Later in the afternoon my best girlfriend called me to come meet her outside my office building (she works downtown too) so she could give me a friendship bracelet she 'intentionally' made for me :) I noticed on her wrist last week that she had picked up this yarn weaving hobby, and immediately requested she make me part of that circle. True to her word, I received my turquoise blue & maroon heart bracelet which complimented and completed the overall 80's vibe I had going. I'm re-addicted now...need more now to mix them all around...(thank you LQ)!
 The friendship making machine...
love how my friend mixes her self made yarns with her Cartier watch...
It's like mixing vintage and designer:) 
   (Jeans-silence&noise/Urban Outfitters; top-HomeTown Heroes; jacket-unknown; necklace & rings-vintage; sunglasses Ray Ban)


  1. um. that shirt is pretty wicked... my mom and i went to see roger waters perform 'the wall' a couple summers ago. it. was. EPIC. seriously best show i have ever seen. yay pink floyd!

  2. I love friendship bracelets! I've never seen that wheel thing before though. I wonder if that makes it less time consuming? I used to make them all the time back in the day doing the regular diagonal line kind and then the one with the chevron V. Bringing back the good ol' days! LOL. Love your shirt too. You always have such a cool rock vibe going on in your looks. Hope you have a great weekend! <3


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  4. Amazing jacket and jewellry! *.*

  5. Love all details of your outfit...gorgeous! amazing rings

  6. hey girl! thnx for ur comment! u have really cool blog,and i really like ur style!
    let me knoe if you woulf like to follow each other!


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