Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Aerosmith keeps playing on my ipod shuffle lately and I can't help but think 90's style Liv Tyler and the days of MTV and music videos....I get re-inspired every time I see flashback pics. Why are daughters of rock stars always the coolest? Liv seems like she'd be so down to earth....we share the same birthday in July...wonder if she fits the cancerian/moonchild persona as much as I do :)
seen on tumblr
(p.s. I'm laying in bed sick with whatever the yucky-ness is that's been going around lately. The only good thing about being sick is it's the perfect excuse to get lost in a computer trance of fashion photos, blogs and online shopping sites without feeling like you 'should' be doing something else :))
Well, I'm going to go watch Empire Records now...


  1. I hope you feel better soon! These are amazing pictures of Liv. I love her energy!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog :) I have to agree, Liv has this completely balanced aura around her, and she's badass, too!

    xoxo, Dani of

  3. Well, this is definitely my fav post by far :)

  4. Thanks for dropping by. Hope u get well soon. Oh I love both Tylers. Still remember the song's crazy MTV. She is effortlessly beautiful. Love her

    I'm really enjoying your blog! Wanna follow each other if you like?

  5. she is a incredible BEAUTY!! Thank you for your sweet comment ;)

  6. Ahh!!! Okay, so I've been enlightened by two things: 1. I think I know the reason why we get along so well through blogging. You're a Cancer and I'm a Scorpio. We're like best friends! My husband is a Cancer and so is my closest girl friend. :) 2. The moment I saw the title of your post, I immediately said in my head, "Empire Records!!"

    I absolutely love Liv Tyler. She is so dang gorgeous and those lips. Man, I want puffy lips like that. LOL. Great photos and now I think I'll need to watch Empire Records tomorrow. <3


  7. amazing pictures of Liv! she's so beautiful!

    hey btw, thanks for your comment on my blog :)