Monday, March 26, 2012

We Want the Funk

Friday night marked my first funk concert lucky did I get with the line-up below?! Not to mention having backstage access to's good to know people;) We showed up to the Studio City/Gibson Amphitheatre when the bands were still setting up and doing sound checks...which gave opportunity to hang with different band members and see what all
goes down before a big concert...
George Clinton of P-Funk (the innovator of funk music in the 70's in case you don't know!) closed the show and was of course the most anticipated performance of the night. I've never watched a show standing on the (back)stage...kind of gave me that little kid at Disneyland feeling:) P-Funk has such a crazy intense energy when they's pretty overstimulating to see 30+ all star band members up there singing and dancing, not to mention artists painting pictures and signs to the side stage, and one of the lead dudes doing handstands in his white pimp hat. Twas a funky night in L.A....
Backstage with Lakeside band member and vocalist Thomas Shelby (above)....right before they changed into their pirate costumes to perform...these guys were having such a blast on stage, totally choreographed dancing...jazz hands and fun to watch:) We hit it off right away due to the love for each others shoes!
...and below are just some of the boys from P-Funk and The Big Ol' Nasty Getdown!

Yes, just going into George's dressing room to hang out after the show :) Loving his blue suit with the hat and fur coat...kind of dialed down from his previous days of colorful dreads, wigs and full on costume attire. He was super sweet and got a big smile when I told him how much I loved my first funk concert ever...
P-Funk and George Clinton style back in the day..... 
 "George Clinton's goal with each outfit choice is seemingly to be as innovative, colorful, larger than life, and of course as funky as can be.George never left his P-Funk style behind since he first broke out in the 70s. Throughout his career, George has collaborated with the likes of Tupac, Outkast, Prince, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and more, and continues to inspire artists of today like Snoop Dogg and MIA. Currently touring and working on an album with Sly Stone, George keeps going on – as does his wacky style."
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  1. Looks so fun! I've never been to a funk concert and I don't even really know that many funk bands. Glad you had a good time though! Love your booties! <3

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  2. wooow! look you had a great time uh?
    your boots rules!


  3. lakeside and sos band too????? really????? i'm very J
    "come along and ride on a fantastic voyage" to the land of funk.....

  4. Great photos of what sounds like was a really good time! Especially the one of you with George Clinton. Cool.