Thursday, March 22, 2012

SXSW Style, Yall!

I was pretty bummed to miss the the 2012 South by Southwest festival in Austin TX this year (where over the past two weeks, music, film and media types flocked for non-stop parties and rock shows). For starters, it's been exactly THREE years since I've been back to visit my friends in our old stomping grounds of ATX. We had the best time there during our college years...the live music, outside patios, endless nights on 6th street, lakes/rivers and the greenbelt where hippies played guitars while dogs swam around in the sun...I'm painting a nice picture right? (I left out the mosquito and humidity factors). Anyway... Austin has such a cool vibe and laid back lifestyle that I sometimes wonder why I left! When I think of the good 'ole days of drinking margaritas at El Arroyo eating tacos with my best friends and a live band in the background, I get a bit nostalgic..

But let's talk about the important stuff....
Fashion was of course a big deal at SXSW....aside from live performances, movie screenings etc :) Hipster style was in full force with an eclectic mix of vintage pieces. There was a good amount of rocker looks, along with predicted season trends like denim on denim, matching color combos, playful prints, metallics and bold color ways....and don't forget a cool pair of shades.
 (pics seen @ Refinery29 sxsw street style;  mightygirl, because I'm addicted;
atxstreetstyle; nymag; elleuk; Stylelist; and last but not least...'the scenery/band' shots from my bff Austinite who kindly let me repost!)


  1. one day I will be there in person!! x

  2. these are so pretty! love the outfits