Thursday, March 29, 2012


I've been diggin' The Pierces (sisters Catherine and Allison) for awhile now. A friend of mine saw them live about 2 years ago and turned me onto their music. I hooked right away...but especially when“You’ll Be Mine”came out in 2011 which really gained the bands recognition.  They have a unique sound that's hard to find these days...not to mention are so stylish popping up all over fashion blogs like tumblr. They recently played SXSW in Austin TX and I hear (from Austin friends) had an amazing show. (See  sxsw street style post about how bummed I was to miss those festivities!) Anyway...if you aren't already a fan you might be after you hear the song below ~ total Stevie vibes :) 
I think posting music videos here and there needs to be a regular thing :)


  1. I really like their style. I've never heard of them before, so I'm giving the song a's nice. Has a good melody to it and they have great sounds. <3


  2. Agreed with Toni its great song! :)

    You have amazing blog, I am your new follower now.
    Hope we can keep in touch.


  3. thanks for the pierces corny.....