Monday, March 5, 2012

Running on Empty

So much for an entire weekend of relaxation...I was brought back to reality on Sunday when I had 500 million errands to run....(by errand # 8 I was already getting a little punchy). Note to self: never leave a weekend day as the one to 'get things done' in this hectic city. L.A traffic + a gas light on empty are never a good thing! At least it was warm enough out for a tank top :)
(jeans-genetic denim; tank top- poetry; kimono-mossimo; boots -steve madden; bag- Miu Miu)


  1. love the kimono with the tank! i've been loving the warm weather. :) and sorry about the errands. i know how that feels. it can make you very angry and frustrated! <3


  2. You look great with those colors!

  3. i LOVE the kimono - colour & print is gorgeous! at first i thought these are Topshop boots :) they have very very similar ones that i am planning to get :)

  4. Totally gorgeous! I love the kimono! xo style, she wrote

  5. Love the kimono!
    Thanks for commenting :)

  6. Awesome outfit! Love the kimono and your striped top!
    rolala loves